Here are some of the example simulations generated using Jet framework. Corresponding example codes can be found under <root_dir>/src/examples. All images are rendered using Mitsuba renderer

Dam-breaking simulation with FLIP solver

FLIP Dam-breaking

Two columns of water splashing into each other, interacting with colliders. Background grid with 300 x 150 x 200 resolution and 6,892,139 particles are used.

Dam-breaking simulation with PIC solver

PIC Dam-breaking

Using the same simulation configuration from the dam-breaking example above, but with the PIC solver. The generated fluid motion is more viscous.

High and low viscosity simulations with level set solver

Level Set Bunny Drop

Two starnford bunnies are dropped with different viscosity. The top row is simulated with higher viscosity, whereas the bottom row is simulated with zero viscosity. Grid with 2003 resolution is used. Cubic spline semi-Lagrangian method is applied for the advection and ENO method is used for level set reinitialization.

Smoke simulation using monotonic cubic semi-Lagrangian

Smoke Cubic

Hot rising smoke is simulated using stable fluids framework. The buoyancy force and monotonic cubic semi-Lagrangian advection creates interesting swirls. Grid with 200 x 240 x 100 resolution is used.

Smoke simulation using monotonic linear semi-Lagrangian

Smoke Linear

Using the same simulation configuration from the rising smoke example above, but with the linear semi-Lagrangian advection solver. Less swirls are observed.

Point-to-surface Converters


Top-left: spherical, top-right: SPH blobby, bottom-left: Zhu and Bridson’s method, and bottom-right: Anisotropic kernel

More examples coming soon!