The unit test contains the minimum validation tests for the code. We use gtest for unit testing framework. Thus, after building the code, run the following command to discover all the unit test cases from Mac OS X or Linux:

bin/unit_tests --gtest_list_tests

or for Windows, run

bin\Release\unit_tests.exe --gtest_list_tests

Run the following command to execute entire tests from Mac OS X or Linux:


For Windows, run


Since we are using gtest, we can also use filter. In case we want to run a specific test such as VertexCenteredVectorGrid3.Fill, run

bin/unit_tests --gtest_filter="VertexCenteredVectorGrid3.Fill"

You can also use a pattern to run the tests such as

bin/unit_tests --gtest_filter="VertexCenteredVectorGrid3.*"

Replace bin/unit_tests with bin\Release\unit_tests.exe for two commands above when running from Windows.